A new approach to managing complex technologies

RemoteAdmin believes that managing Application Delivery Controllers should be as simple as turning on the lights to your office. The reality is that ADC’s are complex devices that require many different skill sets, and if not properly managed, can put your business in the dark.

RemoteAdmin believes that businesses should not be burdened by the technology they own. Managing an F5® Application Delivery Controller is a complex set of operational tasks, which is why using RemoteAdmin’s service will help your business remove that complexity, working to make your ADC’s almost invisible in the infrastructure stack.

We know how hard it is to recruit and attract top talent, then retain that talent. As soon as you get an engineer up to speed and F5® certified, they leave to make more money and you get to start all over with the hiring process. F5® Certifications are some of the most sought after skill sets on the market today. Once F5® certifications are obtained, salary increases of 25% are not uncommon.

Your uptime, budgets and the speed at which you can deploy your applications are critical for your business. When something breaks, time to resolution is all that anybody can think about. RemoteAdmin will monitor your F5® equipment and the applications that run through them.

  • Identify single points of failure such that when anomalies due occur, your applications maintain resiliency
  • Identify potential audit failures (User Access Policies, SYSLOG, Backups, Vulnerability Patching, Unnecessary Services, Base Configuration Drift)
  • Insure the ADC’s are running supported software versions
  • Performing configuration audits to insure F5® best practices are being used
  • Generate Monthly Management Reports for all devices
  • Move, Add, Change, Delete for configuration services (VIPs, Pools, Nodes, iRules, iApps)
  • Ticket Management and RMA support for F5® tickets (We can work with vendor support on your behalf)